Reformation and Desolation – by Stephen Marshall (1594–1655)


Are you expecting to see God move in reforming the church? Why? Is your heart settled to continue the work of reformation? Are you truly expecting biblical revival?


Reformation and Desolation, by Stephen Marshall (1594–1655)

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Stephen Marshall (1594–1655) was known as a learned scholar and writer, a Presbyterian, and a faithful Reformed minister of Christ’s Gospel.

Beginning with the reformation under good king Josiah in 2 Kings 23:25-26, Marshall shows that the idea of reformation is simply a nickname for zealous and unwavering biblical sanctification. It is the duty of every Christian before Jesus Christ. King Josiah found great success in all he did to overthrow the idolatry and false worship of the nation once he read God’s instructions for holiness out of the book of the Law, which had been lost. As a result, Josiah started a nation-wide reformation. Notwithstanding, Marshall shows that even amidst the greatest reformation of the Old Testament, the Lord did not turn away from the fierceness of his great wrath. Though Josiah was met by God with great success, the people ultimately met with God’s displeasure because of their former sins under Manasseh. Reformation turned to desolation. Can this happen today?

Do Christians expect reformation? In many ways reformation has already occurred. They are living in it. They are even experiencing it as they walk into any department store and pick up a copy of the Bible for $5. Marshall shows that reformation for Josiah was finding the book of the law and then to do what the book said. But Christians have the Bible, and have biblical resources to read and study. What then does reformation mean for Christians today? They must never forget that they already have experienced a reformation. What they need is to continue the reformation already begun and pray for revival. Christians must be engaged in revival that they might be on fire with a holy zeal for the glory of God in their individual lives, family, community, church and nation being conformed to the word of God in life and godliness.

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