Pastoral Theology or the Theory of the Evangelical Ministry – by Alexander Vinet (1797-1847)

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What does the Bible say about the office of a pastor? His home life? His work among the poor? His catechizing? His preaching? His prayer life? And so much more…study with Vinet on this most needful topic in our day.


Pastoral Theology or the Theory of the Evangelical Ministry – by Alexander Vinet (1797-1847).

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Alexander Vinet (1797-1847) is considered as one of the most prominent theological thinkers of 19th century French-speaking Reformed Protestantism, and seen by most scholars as a pastor’s pastor.

To sum up this work is to say with Vinet, “The minister’s life is a life of consecration, without which it has no meaning.” Vinet covers all of Pastoral Theology, focusing in on all the major tenants of the office of the herald sent of God. The steward of the mysteries of God is sent to preach and to pray, and these two main functions are broken down by Vinet into a full-orbed look at pastoral theology covering everything from what a minister is, to the necessity of the Evangelical Ministry, the call to the Evangelical Ministry, and the domestic life of the minister. He covers the government of the church, and the government of the pastor’s house. He shows how preaching is to be accomplished, and it’s biblical outworking into catechizing, pastoral visitation, house to house praying, the care of souls in general and the object of pastoral oversight.

This work is thoroughly biblical, and Vinet masterfully pulls together all the facets of the pastoral ministry in explaining what Christ taught concerning this most sacred and consecrated office.

(This work is not a scan or facsimile, has been carefully transcribed by hand being made easy to read in modern English, and has an active table of contents for electronic versions.)