One Kingdom Under God – Thomas Halliday


One kingdom or two kingdoms under God? Let Thomas Halliday sort that out for you in this new work on civil government!


One Kingdom Under God, by Thomas Halliday

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Thomas Halliday was a powerful Scottish preacher during the 18th century who died at an early age. In spite of his short ministry, he preached and taught on a variety of subjects (which Puritan Publications has published). In this work Halliday focuses on the office of the civil magistrate and government, and how the office of the magistrate sits under the Kingdom of God. This is a refreshing treatise preached over two-hundred years ago especially in light of the current “two-kingdom” theories being repropagated today. Halliday, with precision and conviction sets the biblical record straight and explains what the Bible and Reformed Church has taught for centuries – one kingdom under God.