Hypocrisy Discovered in its Nature and Workings – by Cuthbert Sydenham (1622–1654)


This is the best treatment I have read on hypocrisy. Every Christian has a little hypocrisy in them that needs to be purged. This work aids the believer to identify and purge out the chief enemy of the Gospel – hypocrisy.


Hypocrisy Discovered in its Nature and Workings, by Cuthbert Sydenham (or Sidenham) (1622–1654)

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Cuthbert Sydenham (or Sidenham) (1622–1654) received Presbyterian ordination, and was a Reformed Calvinistic Preacher during the era of the Westminster Assembly. He died at an early age, though he was used mightily by God as a preacher of the Gospel and theologian.

This work on hypocrisy is one of the best puritan treatments of the subject. In seven sermons Sydenham opens the words of Christ in Luke 12:1, “Beware ye of the leaven of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy.” He shows that hypocrisy is the chief enemy of the Gospel, as the Pharisees where the chief enemies of Christ. He also demonstrates that not everyone who is hypocritical is a hypocrite, and there are specific dividing lines that cause a person to be on one side or the other. These he explores with a pastoral heart and theological treatment of the subject. This work will either awaken the hypocrite to rightly examining himself through dissecting what hypocrisy truly is, or it will help the Christian to guard against types of hypocrisy that may be ready to overtake him. This is a valuable work centering on resting on the power of Jesus Christ to overcome sin and glorify God.

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