How to Live Every Day in the End Times – C. Matthew McMahon


So many Christians live a life devoid of true joy. Did you know that you are living in the end times and that your life should be marked with joy as a result? Do people think you are a joyful Christian? In this study of Philippians see what God has said about being joyful in these end times.


How to Live Every Day in the End Times, 2nd Edition, A Study on the Book of Philippians. by C. Matthew McMahon

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C. Matthew McMahon, Ph.D., Th.D., is a Reformed theologian, and pastor of Grace Chapel in Crossville, TN. He is the founder and chairman of A Puritan’s Mind, the largest Reformed website on the internet for students of the Bible concerning Reformed Theology, the Puritans and Covenant Theology. He is the founder of Puritan Publications which publishes rare Reformed and Puritan works from the 17th century, specializing in the Westminster Assembly. He is also a managing partner at, and the Center for Reformed Theology and Apologetics.

This new edition updates and adds dozens of footnotes, expanded chapters and updates information.

Are you a joyful Christian? Would others say that about you? How does Christian joy mark your life as you live in eager expectation of Christ’s immanent return? Did you know that we are living in the end times? The Bible teaches that Christians, right now, are living in the end times, the last days. The Old Testament saints believed that. Jesus taught the Kingdom of Heaven was at hand. The Apostles taught that we live in the last days. The Church of Jesus Christ has always believed that they live in the end times. Even now, the Church eagerly awaits the final consummation of the ages, when Christ will return with a shout, the voice of the archangel and the trumpet call of God. In that moment we shall be changed from corruptible to incorruptible. But what about right now? In light of the biblical fact that we are living in the end times, how should we live every day? The purpose of this book is to explain how Christians should live each day as if it were their final days while living in the end times. Paul shows us how to do this in the letter to the Philippians.

In studying Philippians, you will learn how to cultivate real eschatological joy as you pray, read Scripture, meditate on the word, and glorify God in your walk. Every Christian should have enough evidence against them that they are accused of being joyful every day. Are you?