How to Hear the Preaching of God’s Word with Profit by Stephen Egerton (1555–1621)


Have you ever taken time to learn what it means to hear the word of God preached with profit, and to understand what ought to be done before, during and after the sermon?


How to Hear the Preaching of God’s Word with Profit by Stephen Egerton (1555–1621)

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Rev. Stephen Egerton (1555–1621) was an early puritan divine, a man of great learning and practical godliness.

In this treatise, Egerton demonstrates the Christian’s duty in hearing the word of God preached. In the first chapter he shows what it means to “take heed” in hearing the word following what Christ said, “Take heed therefore how ye hear,” (Luke 8:18). Then, he gives general duties in chapter 2 in relationship to preparations that ought to be made before coming to hear the sermon. Chapter 3 deals with what the hearer ought to do while hearing the sermon. And chapter 4 deals with the duties of the Christian after the sermon.

Egerton takes a simplistic and manageable approach to teaching Christians what is required by Christ in hearing the Word of God preached. He is quite comprehensive to remind the believer of the most important aspects of the truth in his doctrine as it relates to the preached word.

Egerton has a vivid, masterful grasp of his matter, and dissects the doctrine of hearing the word preached in a catechistic manner through questions and thorough answers. Since God is speaking to the Christian in the preached word by all true ministers, that the minister’s mouth is God’s mouth in the act of preaching, one would do quite well to heed Rev. Egerton’s application of Christ’s exhortations to hear what God is saying to us rightly, biblically, and for the good of our souls.

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Table of Contents
Do You Hear the Lord’s Voice?
Meet Stephen Egerton
Original Title Page
To the Christian Reader
To the Reader
CHAPTER 1: Taking Heed to the Preached Word
CHAPTER 2: Duties Before Hearing the Sermon
CHAPTER 3: Duties While Hearing the Sermon
CHAPTER 4: Duties After the Sermon is Ended