God With Us, and Other Works – by John Strickland (1601-1670)


God always remains faithful to his church, and to his people. God is invincible, and makes his church to be invincible against her enemies, though sometimes the church may go through difficult trials. Strickland teaches us that as a church, and as individual Christians, God is with us.


God With Us, and Other Works by John Strickland (1601-1670)

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John Strickland (1601-1670) was a faithful pastor, a Covenanter, and a member of the Westminster Assembly of Divines.

All of Strickland’s available works are contained in this volume. They all have a common, unifying theme that build on one another concerning the need for further reformation in the church of Jesus Christ. Strickland preached these fiery and encouraging sermons to Parliament and the Westminster Assembly to press the need for the Reformation of God’s church for the glory of Jesus Christ.

Strickland first teaches from Psalm 46:7, that in times of the church’s opposition, God sides with his church, and takes part with his people against their enemies. As a result, God’s presence with his church secures her in time of danger, and makes her forever invincible (an extremely powerful theme for today’s Christian). During such times of calamity and distress, God would have his people calmly wait on him in his deliverance, and be neither too hasty, nor hopeless concerning it, taken from Jeremiah 29:11. And although such times might be trying and difficult, God is not hasty to redeem his people in an improper time, and he waits to be gracious at the right time, taken from Isaiah 30:18.

Sometimes God wonderfully suspends his judgment, and waits on a rebellious people (as with Israel), that he may be merciful to them at the proper time. And when God is merciful, he will in due time remove the enemies of the church even though Christians might suffer for a time under the heavy hand of an enemy’s influence and rule (as Israel did in her captivity taken from Isaiah 10:20).

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