Delivered From All Our Sins – by Nicholas Byfield (1579–1622)


What should a sinner first do in inquiring how to be rid of all his sins? Byfield (almost exhaustively) catalogs the Biblical sins which must be fully repented of during conversion before God. This is far different than the church pastor today who simply wants you to say the sinner’s prayer. Byfield stands in complete opposition to this, and shows, biblically, how repentance ought to be sought, and what should be repented of. What Christian or God-fearer would not want to be rid of all their sins through Christ?


Delivered From All Our Sins by Nicholas Byfield (1579–1622)

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Nicholas Byfield (1579–1622) was a fiery Reformed minister of the Gospel and scholarly puritan divine. He was extremely popular in his day, and widely respected as a studious theologian and deep preacher of the Word.

What is the first thing a person who desires to be saved should do? Byfield teaches that he should first inquire, “What should he do to be rid of those many sins he is guilty of?” To be rid of such sins is being rid of their danger and guilt, and from their power and dominion. For many people, for many professing Christians, this is something they have not yet done. In this work, Byfield has gathered for us, out of the whole Bible, a catalog of those sins which God requires we repent of. They are sins we must take special notice of so that we can confess them and avoid them. Byfield describes these sins in the expressed words of the Bible so that you might see the Lord himself describing our offenses.

Byfield surveys the entire bible and demonstrates particular offenses plainly proven to be sins. He shows by expressed Scriptures what course we may distinctly take to be rid of all our sins. This is a course that cannot fail us, being grounded on the most evident biblical directions, which God himself has prescribed to us. What Christian or God-fearer would not want to be rid of all their sins? Who has made such a catalog of them to repent effectively by the power of God’s Spirit?

This work is a comfortable and safe path through the word of God that leads directly to Jesus Christ. When a Christian follows the evident directions of God’s Word in these weighty matters, he walks safely. He walks in the good way, the way of life, and the way of peace. In this path Byfield assures us that the reader will see and experience the salvation of God through Christ. To follow these directions soundly, is to keep our souls, and in this, all God’s ways will be mercy and truth to us.

This is not a scan or facsimile, has been updated in modern English for easy reading and has an active table of contents for electronic versions.

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