Covenant Theology Poster – Visual Theology – by C. Matthew McMahon


The Puritans made many posters, even in their day, to aid church members in understanding Scriptural truth. I created this new poster to cover the Covenant of Redemption, Covenant of Works and Covenant of Grace. Here I clearly lay out the biblical coherence throughout God’s redemptive purposes to save men, and to glorify the Savior, Jesus Christ.


Covenant Theology Poster by C. Matthew McMahon

File Types: PDF Chart 3′ x 4′
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Today, with the explosion of media and the internet, pastors compete for the mind of their people against the tidal wave of the world’s distractions and influences. As a help to aiding Christians think about important biblical topics, visual aids can be extremely helpful in outlining theological ideas. The Puritans made many charts, even in their day, to aid congregation members to understand and memorize Scriptural truths. In this way, creating visual aids to help Christians understand a broad range of necessary biblical ideas is an important venture. That is why I created the Covenant Theology Poster.

This new poster is 3′ x 4′ and can be studied easily via Adobe’s Acrobat reader, or any PDF reader. It may be used on the Kindle and other electronic devices as a study aid to the topic of covenant theology. It is a high resolution file that contains “visual theology” to walk the student of the Bible through Scripture concerning God’s Covenant of Redemption, Covenant of Works and Covenant of Grace. It quotes Scripture along with the 1647 Westminster Confession to empower the student to more fully grasp God’s intention in the unfolding drama of redemption. This is a wonderful outline of covenant theology for every level of Christian, and will be of use to Bible groups, Sunday School classes, homeschooling classes, and home study.

CONTENT: The content of the poster follows four main works – The Bible, the books “Covenant Theology Made Easy” by C. Matthew McMahon, “The Economy of the Covenants” by Herman Witsius, and the 1647 Westminster Confession with the Larger and Shorter Catechisms. That way you know that the content of the poster is reliable, but in a format that is easy to follow.

C. Matthew McMahon is an American Calvinist Reformed theologian and adjunct professor at Whitefield Theological Seminary. He is the founder and chairman of A Puritan’s Mind where the ministry started as an internet hub and center for students of the Bible concerning Reformed Theology and Covenant Theology. He also started “The Puritanboard” as a chat room that is exclusively for those holding to Reformed Creeds and Confessions and members in good standing in reformed churches. A Puritan’s Mind is home to Covenant Theology, Reformed Theology and Reformation and Puritan writings, articles and books. He is also the founder of Puritan Publications which publishes Reformed and Puritan eBooks and works from the 17th century.