Singing of Psalms the Duty of Christians – by Thomas Ford (1598–1674)

All Westminster Puritans believed in Psalm singing, but there are few works by the Westminster Divines written about this subject (other than the Confession and Directory for Public and Private worship). This work is one of the most famous and important. Psalm singing is almost lost today and it is commanded in Scripture.

Singing of Psalms a Gospel Ordinance – by John Cotton (1585-1662)

There are a handful of puritan works on singing Psalms. This work by John Cotton (a New England Pilgrim) was quoted repeated by individual Puritans in England on this most important subject. It is one of the best treatments of psalmody now in print. For the student of worship this is an important biblical work on the subject of Christ’s worship.

The Rules of a Holy Life – by Nicholas Byfield (1579–1622)

Are you living your life as a holy Christian? Did you know the Bible gives us directives and rules to follow that concern every area of the Christian walk? These are not Pharisaical rules, but rules that aid us to be more like Jesus Christ. In walking the Christian down the road of Christianity, Byfield teaches us what it means to be a Christian by summarizing the rules God has given us to live according to the Gospel. An outstanding work!