Select Memoirs of the English and Scottish Divines - by Thomas Smith

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The biggest and best one volume biography on meeting the Puritans in print. 770 pages covering all the English and Scottish divines. “This is the best biography on the Puritans that I have ever read, or for that matter, the…

Select Memoirs of the English and Scottish Divines, by Thomas Smith

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Thomas Smith has written a tour de force biography of English and Scottish Divines from the Reformation and Puritan era. The work begins with the lives of renowned English Worthies who introduced and effected the glorious Reformation from popery, and concludes with those who were unsatisfied with the Romish peculiarities of the Church of England, and were therefore denominated Non-conformists or Puritans. There are contained in this volume 132 entries of varying length which treat each of these worthies and divines with the utmost respect for their work and labors for the Lord Jesus Christ. And it should be noted that with many of them they glorified God in their death as martyrs. Here you will meet the Puritans in their context of struggle and truth for the sake of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Also included are two introductory sections: “An Historical Sketch of the Christian Church” in three parts, and a “Short Introduction to the Lives of the Puritans.” This is a major historical work, both for scope and accuracy. Among the noted entries are: Ames, Baille, Baxter, Bolton, Bradford, the Burgess’ (both Anthony and Cornelius), Case, Cawdrey, Coverdale, Cotton, Fox, Gillespie, Goodman, Goodwin, Henderson, Hooker, Hooper, Janeway, Latimer, Lightfoot, Ridley, Rogers, Rutherford, Sibbes, Tyndale, Vines, and a host of others. For the Christian and student of the historical and doctrinal struggle for Reformation, there is also a convenient and helpful list of books and works by each author covered appended to the end of each memoir.

“This is the best biography on the Puritans that I have ever read, or for that matter, the best biography I’ve ever read, period.” Therese B. McMahon