5 Marks of Biblical Reformation by C. Matthew McMahon

Everybody loves to claim the magisterial reformation for their own! Everyone wants to be a reformer in that way. But take God’s principles of a Biblical Reformation and apply them to the church in practical daily living, then that’s a different story all together.

The Marks of a Godly Man – by Daniel Burgess (1645-1713)

Would other people say you are a heathen or a Christian? Daniel Burgess masterfully explains the difference between the heart of a wicked unconverted man and the heart of a truly changed man in Jesus Christ with the 5 marks of a godly man.

The Love of God by Peter Du Moulin (1601-1684)

If you are a Christian, a true born again Christian, then God has set his love on you. As a result of being renewed by this principle of love, how much do you love God back? God loved you in Christ even though you were filthy, vile and disgusting in your depravity. God is always glorious, holy and most excellent. How much do we love him today more than yesterday? Du Moulin’s masterful work teaches us about God’s love to us, and our love in return to him. Its a Puritan gem!