Sermons From the Halls of Church History: The Writings of A Puritan's Mind Volume 2

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Do you love to read great sermons? Volume 2 of the APM series has never before published sermons by men like Lazarus Seamen, Simeon Ashe and John Hooper.

Sermons From the Halls of Church History: The Writings of A Puritan’s Mind Volume 2, Edited by C. Matthew McMahon and Therese B. McMahon

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The aim in preparing this work of sermons has been to publish some of the best sermons of the reformed pulpit (or reformed teaching) from the halls of church history – sermons that line up with biblical exegesis and reformation teaching. It is believed that these sermons will be found valuable as examples of great preaching. They will be without a doubt helpful to those who seek reading expositions of the Word of God for the upbuilding of personal character and for strengthening their Christian faith to walk more closely with Jesus Christ. The sermons have been chosen in some cases for their literary and rhetorical excellences, but in every case for their helpfulness in solving some of the problems of Christian living and reformation to glorify God.

This volume contains some never before published sermons such as those by Simeon Ashe, Lazarus Seamen, Alexander Henderson and John Hooper, and some important sermons such as the ones by John Calvin and Savanarola.

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