Hell with Everlasting Torments Asserted – by Nicholas Chewney (1610-1685)


This work is one of the best manageable treatises that demonstrate the eternal realities of the place of endless punishment: hell. It is one of the few surviving works of Dr. Chewney we have.


Hell with Everlasting Torments Asserted by Nicholas Chewney (1610-1685)

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Nicholas Chewney (1610-1685) was a puritan divine who was a powerful Reformed Gospel preacher and theologian.

This treatise was originally penned by Nicholas Chewney in response to a Socinian tract written by Samuel Richardson which denied hell. Chewney takes up the biblical and Reformed position on hell as Jesus Christ taught it in Scripture. The treatise is divided into four sections: he shows that there is such a place as hell, what this place is, and where it is. He concludes with a final section on application. He does not refute Richardson as a Christian polemic would point by point. Chewney confesses that a polemic was his first line of thinking. However, he wrote this tract to simply allow Scripture to teach the church the biblical doctrine of hell.

As a result, his purpose in writing this treatise on hell was for the glory of God, both in his mercy and justice, for the comfort of all poor, believing souls, and for the terror of all wicked and ungodly wretches.

This work is not a scan or facsimile and has been made easy to read with an active table of contents for electronic versions.