Christ Commanding His Coronavirus to Covenant Breakers – by C. Matthew McMahon


Why is the coronavirus plaguing the world today? Is Christ in control of it? And how does it affect the church?


Christ Commanding His Coronavirus to Covenant Breakers by C. Matthew McMahon

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This work expounds on key Scriptural passages, and outlines, from a biblical point of view, why Christ has sent his coronavirus to covenant breakers in his church. The biblical thesis is that the world-wide virus (and other calamities which are building and exploding in our day) are here primarily for Christ’s church; his disobedient, covenant breaking church.

God deals very harshly yet tenderly with his people when they break covenant with him. Taken primarily from Leviticus 26, McMahon deals with the following topics: that pestilence is a sign from Christ to his church, that Christ’s remedies against the plague are sovereign prescriptions he alone commands, Christian humility is needed during times of occasional repentance (and what occasional repentance is), humility in prayer and fasting with godly zeal is required, what the nature of Christ’s afflicting providences are, and a number of other subjects related to the plague. All of this is in light of what the church needs to do, and ought to do in repenting before God’s throne of grace. If the church does not repent, then, sadly, they are daring Christ to do his worst against them in their spiritual indifference.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Pestilence is a Sign From Christ to His Church
Chapter 2: Christ’s Remedies Against the Plague
Chapter 3: Christian Humility Needed During Times of Occasional Repentance
Chapter 4: Humble Prayer and Fasting
Chapter 5: Humility and Godly Zeal
Chapter 6: Afflicting Providences
Chapter 7: Comfort Through the Word
Chapter 8: Tokens of Eternal Displeasure
Chapter 9: Tokens of Displeasure Turned to Joy
Chapter 10: Daring Christ to Do His Worst
Appendix: Obedience in the Little Things

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