Being with Jesus – by C. Matthew McMahon


Being with Jesus is the Christian’s true desire. Is it yours? Fortify your commitment, and experience the soul-satisfying impact of truly “Being with Jesus.”


Being with Jesus by C. Matthew McMahon

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What does it truly mean to be “with” someone? Simple in concept, but when it comes to our spiritual connection “with Jesus,” the idea expands into new and meaningful dimensions. This work, “Being with Jesus,” investigates this intricate aspect of faith, exploring Scriptures across both the Old and New Testaments to shed light on what being in genuine fellowship with Christ entails.

There is no halfway commitment here; being “with Jesus” is an all-in-or-nothing experience. In an unpredictable world, distancing oneself from Him, even slightly, can be dangerous—a lapse in faith that could have eternal consequences. But fear not. Within these pages, you will find both reassurance and inspiration. Learn how to truly rest in Jesus’ love, to follow Him unreservedly, and to find joy and purpose along the way.

Guided by the example of the apostles and the descriptions of them in Acts 4 where the Pharisees and Scribes are described, “they marvelled; and they took knowledge of them, that they had been with Jesus,” this book will deepen your understanding of what it means to be “with Jesus.” Join us as we clarify the sometimes blurry line between merely claiming to be with Christ and actually living that commitment fully.

In an uncertain world, one thing is clear: being with Him is the Christian’s true desire. So, come, dear reader. Open these pages to enrich your understanding, fortify your commitment, and feel the soul-satisfying impact of truly “Being with Jesus.”

C. Matthew McMahon, Ph.D., Th.D., is a Reformed theologian, and pastor of Grace Chapel in Crossville, TN. He is the founder and chairman of A Puritan’s Mind, the largest Reformed website on the internet for students of the Bible concerning Reformed Theology, the Puritans and Covenant Theology. He is the founder of Puritan Publications which publishes rare Reformed and Puritan works from the 17th century, specializing in the Westminster Assembly. He is also a managing partner at, and the Center for Reformed Theology and Apologetics.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Being with Jesus
Chapter 2: Sensibly Discerning Communion
Chapter 3: Jesus with His People
Chapter 4: The Effects of the Spirit
Chapter 5: Total Reformation

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