The Reformed Apprentice Volume 3: A Workbook on the Doctrine of God – by C. Matthew McMahon

This one-of-a-kind workbook series (this is the third volume) teaches the student of theology about Reformed Theology. In this workbook, students will learn about the Doctrine of God in order to bring them into a more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. It covers God’s divine attributes, the Trinity, the divinity of the Son and Holy Spirit, and the decrees of God.

The Reformed Apprentice Volume 2: A Workbook on the Doctrine of Scripture and Biblical Interpretation – by C. Matthew McMahon

When someone asks you why you believe the Bible to be the Word of God, what do you tell them? When you come across a passage that is hard to understand, what do you do to interpret it? This workbook will guide you through answering questions around the Doctrine of Scripture, as well as the science of Hermeneutics – the art of biblical interpretation. This is the second volume in the workbook series.