Tormenting Tophet: A Description of Hell - by Henry Greenwood (d. 1634)

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Henry Greenwood is a gem among puritans, and little known. This, one of his most popular works, is a hard doctrine to study since it pulls on our emotional strings. Hell is doctrine which is indeed awful and dreadful, yet…

Tormenting Tophet: A Description of Hell by Henry Greenwood (d. 1634)

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Henry Greenwood (d. 1634?) was a Calvinistic Minister of the Gospel and an early Puritan theologian.

Greenwood wrote this treatise as “a little city with great gates.” It is a short treatise (a little city) with eternal truths that are applicable to every sinner (great gates). He launches his treatise from the text in Isaiah 30:33, “Tophet is ordained of old; yea, for the king it is prepared.” This text contains in it a terrible and lamentable description of hell, prepared of old for the tormenting of all ungodly people of the world, no matter what estate or condition they are in, even for kings.

He covers the descriptions of Tophet (hell), the preparation of Tophet, the depth of Tophet, the largeness of Tophet, the buring in Tophet, bitter torment of Tophet and then ends with an earnest and zealous prayer to be delivered from Tophet.

This doctrine is indeed awful and dreadful, yet it is of God. It is a dreadful thing, but yet a common thing, for people to go to hell. This work by Greenwood will either continue to assure the Christian to hold steadfastly to Christ and his atonement, to love God and avoid hell, or used by God’s Spirit to awaken the dead in sin to the reality of a literal hell waiting for them at the moment Christ calls them into eternity.

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